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The next step?

I've been reading some of my archives lately. There are some pretty interesting entries in there. It's wierd... because you can see the rise and fall of me as a writer. There are long periods where I just sorta smeared crap on a page and uploaded it. And there are also entries that appear to have been well planned and thought out. I've thought about taking the good stuff and making a new journal out of it... and use my real identity... no more silly names. A lot of my life would have to be censored from that journal... But, just maybe, the quality of writing would be better. I don't know. Just an idea that's been running through my head lately... along with the headache that's in my head now.

I don't feel well at all. I've had a headache and neck pain since I woke up. I had to leave class this afternoon because my stomach felt nasty... And I broke out into a sweat. I haven't been thinking clearly for the last few days, either. I'm worried about myself.
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