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FOR SALE: One (1) White Christmas. Brand new. Low mileage. Will sell cheap or trade for clean, ice-free highways.

I don't mind being from the South. In fact, I'm quite proud of my southern roots -- except when they're showing the trailer park people on TV after the tornado. Well, and then there's winter. I usually hang my head in shame at least once during winter, too.

The excuse is always the same... This is [i]The South[/i]! It doesn't get cold here! We don't need winter weather equipment for the highways! But, then, every year... And sometimes twice a year... Everything gets covered in white and the whole world (or, at least, my chunk of it) shuts down.

Wednesday, I skipped out of plans to have an early Christmas with my uncle, aunt & cousins. I had to get to work early as to avoid the icy roads. (I was too late -- A two-hour trip became three hours plus.) I got to work about 7:15 p.m Wednesday night and shortly before 10 this morning. Fortunately for the fire department, it was quiet -- just one run. The police, however, seem to be on constant idiot patrol.

What we have out on the roads at the moment is called ice. It's not snow. You can't plow it. You can put salt on it, but even that doesn't work great without a lot of sun. A great number of fools -- many from the northern states -- believe that you can actually drive on ice. They are only partially correct. You can drive on it. You just can't stop on it. So, please... If you're driving, I'm not a grandma. I'm just being safe. Following me going 30 MPH on the interstate is not going to hurt either of us.

For the record, I have every intention of going home for Christmas. However, I'm a bit worried that the next 100 miles of my trip (I'm at my apartment now) might resemble the first 10 miles (from work to here). To begin with, I fell and hit my head at work. If I up and die, have them check for a brain hemmorage. My rear-wheel drive pick-up almost didn't make it up an extremely small hill. So, I personally caused a small, five-minute traffic jam of sorts. I passed about a dozen cars off in the ditch -- one was sitting on its roof. Then, I had to park my truck down the street and hike into my apartment complex. I need a few things for home... but having to walk back in snow means I certainly will be taking less. I have lovely snow pictures that I'd like to post, but they're in my camera, in my truck, down the street and up the hill. Another day, then?

Well, I think I've warmed up enough to make the return trip to my truck... and hopefully complete the trip home in one piece. I'm off work on the 26th, so I know that I'll have several days to enjoy my family. After hearing about the masses who were stranded on interstates here last night... I'll probably be soaking up those cheezy family moments just a little bit more this year. I'll be blessed to have the opportunity.

I hope all of you guys have a fabulous Christmas!
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