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New member of the all-time top five songs...

I've fallen in love with the first few verses of Andy Grigg's new release, "If Heaven." Now, let me say that I'm not ready to go anywhere. But if I were to die, this is the sort of message I'd probably have for folks. Hey, this is what happens... And if heaven is anything like I think it might be, well... There's nothing wrong with that a destination.

Also, there is something powerful in the second verse. I put myself in those shoes. I imagine my hometown on a summer's day in 1985. The world was ahead of me. And it's amazing to think of all the things that have happened since -- good and bad. Life gets bogged down sometimes. We begin to think that every day will be like this one. And, yet, we have so many things in store for us that are impossible for us to imagine today. At least, that's how my life has worked out. I hope it continues that way (for the better).

If heaven was an hour, it would be twilight
When the fireflies start their dancing on the lawn
And supper's on the stove and momma's laughing
And everbody's working day is done

If heaven was a town, it would be my town
Oh, on a summer day in 1985
And everything I wanted was out there waiting
And everyone I loved was still alive

Don't cry a tear for me now baby
There comes a time we all must say goodbye
And if that's what heaven's made of,
you know I -- I ain't afraid to die.
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