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Hey you. Yeah, with the necklace. HELP ME!

Ladies (and gentlemen who know jewelry)... I need help.

It's that time of year again -- last minute gift shopping time. Actually, I've had a few things picked out for Jessie for quite some time now. However, I just haven't gotten around to ordering them. Fortunately, I think I can handle the eight billion dollar shipping costs on a couple of items. My big problem now falls into the necklace department.

I have found a couple of necklaces that might qualify as potential gifts. However, how big should the thingy be that hangs from the necklace? Some say as little as 1/2" others as large as 1". Is their a standard size? I don't want something so small that it reeks of "CHEAP." Yet, I don't want her wearing a hubcap from her neck, either.

So, can you point me in the right direction?
Tags: christmas, jessie
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