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It's 7:09 a.m. and I'm still awake -- from yesterday.

Inappropriately scheduled naps along with spending the last five or six hours working on a Web project for a client has taken its toll. I have many, many things to do today. Jessie will be here sometime around 3 p.m. Between now and then, I need to shop for some gifts, pay a few bills, run a few other errands and somehow find time to sleep. It's going to be a long day. Because when I'm this tired, I can't just sleep for an hour. I end up going into some crazy-ass coma.

However, I've at least had a festive environment to be awake in for the last day. Yesterday, I scored some classic Statler Brothers Christmas music on iTunes. (Am I the only 26-year-old in the world that likes the Statler Brothers? Wait, am I the only 26-year-old to know who the Statlers are?) And also, my Christmas tree is doing so well (I'm crossing my fingers here) that I can actually hear it drinking the water. It's nice to have the decorating out of the way. It's hard to enjoy the holiday when you have everything hanging over your head. The tree & the balcony:

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