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It's 59 degrees! In August! Wow.

As of late, I've been trying to collect a few Web design clients. I need the money to pay off those nasty credit cards and maybe buy a washer/dryer for the new place. Anyhow, I've been up all night trying to get a site knocked out for a client. They haven't given me all of the information I need, but wanted it done by 8-13 anyhow.

I finally did all I could do on the site about an hour ago. I decided to drive over to Walgreen's and pick up some film. It feels great outside -- it's 59 degrees in August -- but it also felt good to have completed phase I of the site. It reminded me of the many times we walked out into the still of the night after wrapping up the week's newspaper.

Part of me misses the comradarie, the creativity and a little bit of the stress that "paper night" always brought. And then the other part of me is glad for where I am -- a good career, good friends, a good home, a reliable ride and it all seems so stable. The latter part of me also knows that if I had to endure a paper night every week, I'd be in a cardiac unit somewhere. I guess this means I'm officially at the rest stop between youth and boredom... Oops, I mean adulthood. Heh.

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