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Striking a blow for liberty

Welcome to the waiting game.

One of the big events of my two days in Oakdale was one of the last events of my trip to Oakdale. As I was leaving Alex's house about 8 p.m. Saturday night, I backed into her aunt's Lincoln. In my defense, the parking situation in the yard wasn't perfect. The Lincoln (which I now refer to as Osama Bin Lincoln) and my truck (which I now refer to as Leroy the Wonder Truck) were parked odd. However, I do drive a fire truck for a living... And if I can drive a 38-foot fire truck, you'd think I'd be able to navigate an F-150 out of a crowded yard.

Anyhow, her aunt & uncle are supposed to call me today and let me know how much it'll be to fix the damage. I'm poor right now. I'm now waiting to find out how much more poor I'll be. I didn't really cruch anything seriously... but I did dent the rear passenger panel near the brake light, scratched the brake light and might have scuffed up their bumper. I don't know how new the Licoln was, but it didn't appear to be that old. So, whatever I broke will probably cost that much more. Fortunately, Leroy suffered no damage whatsoever -- that's what makes him the Wonder Truck.
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