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The sleep saga continues...

Damn. It's nearly 24 hours since that wierd little post I made in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. To bring you up to speed... I did manage to catch a three hour nap between 5:30 and 8:30. I drug my unshowered self (complete with morning breath) to my professor's office to turn in my paper. Of course, I ended up talking to two people while I was there. I tried to talk with my mouth closed. I tried to shield my mouth. Poor people... God only knows what their noses had to put up with. I'm sure it was anything but minty fresh. But I didn't care. I was tired. I was so sleepy I hurt. And then, all of that changed.

I went back to my room for a shower and to fight cavaties and make my breath sparkle. On the way, the first morning of the year that actually felt like fall weather gave me a second wind that lasted most of the day. I managed to get cleaned up, watch Wings on the USA Network, pick up breakfast and read some text for my Regs class. To top that off, I was on time for aformentioned Regs class. Once I found out that I made a 94 on the test in that class, I was wide awake for the rest of the day... So awake, in fact, that the idea of sleep disgusted me. I felt super human. So super human, in fact, that I forgot to eat anything until like 9 p.m. And I guess that whole super human shit explains why I'm still awake at three in the morning... Well, that and the little 30 minute nap I took about midnight.

(Hey... has anyone noticed that, in fact, I like using the phrase, "in fact"?)

Actually, what's kept me awake since 12:30 has been a story I'm supposed to write for this week's paper. The story came out of nowhere today and it's complex in many ways. I'm not really sure how I want to appraoch it. I'm having a lot of trouble writing it. In fact, after about two hours of work, I've only got two paragraphs that I'm happy with. (Notice that "in fact" action there?) It's nights like tognight that prove to me that I'm better suited for firefighting than newspaper work. I'm my own worst critic... and being so picky about my own writing does nothing but cause me unneccessary stress.

So, I'm giving up on the story for now. I'm gonna try to do what I did last night and crash for a few hours before I must get up. I've got some interview type deals that must be done for this story. Hmmm... It's 3:13 now. I'll be asleep by 3:30 and awake by eight. Four and a half hours... That's doable, eh?
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