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Fletch & Squirrel

The night before Thanksgiving '03, we'd been out on the deck at work goofing around. I took my camera out there to get pictures and sat it down on the table. We went back inside and later got a call for smoke in a building... I completely forgot about my camera. Everything would have been okay, except that a monsoon came and drowned the camera while it was outside.

I've been saving money since Christmas to buy a replacement. Last month, I bought another 35mm through eBay (since they don't make my model camera anymore). Two weeks ago, I also bought a digital camera -- something I've never had before. I'm quite pleased with both... and so you'll probably see more pictures in the journal from now on.

The camera went with us to Michigan last week, where I had a lovely visit with this squirrel...

Tags: photo, travelogue

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