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Oh, yeah, baby...

Last week was the week of four tests in four days. Last Wednesday, I got grade #1 -- a 98 on a criminal investigations test. Friday, I received grade #2 -- an 88 on a corrections test. Yesterday, I found out that I made an 89 on my sociology (an 83 plus a six-point curve). The last piece of the puzzle came this morning when I found out that I made a 94 on my broadcast regs test. I know this means nothing to you... But rest assured that the knowledge that I damn near aced the test made me down right giddy.

For the most part, my collegiate efforts have followed a similar pattern. I usually do well for the first week or two... I then get distracted by my other committments (primarily the newspaper) and let my academic performance slip off. With the threat of failing grades looming over my head, I crack down as the end of the semester approaches to pull out passing (and often times, better) marks. This is the first time I've ever really started out on the right foot through the first tests of the semster. In fact, it dawned on me that I was only three points shy of getting all A's on last week's tests. It's been many moons since I have wanted three points (two in corrections and one in sociology) more than I do now. Go me.
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