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Hey, Fletch... Shouldn't you be in bed?

It's 5:02 a.m. What on Earth am I doing up at this hour having not going to sleep previously during the evening? Well... a position paper for my media ethics class. I've known it was due tomorrow (er... today... or should we just say Tuesday to be clear) for a couple of weeks now. But you know how it goes. Life gets in the way. I'll do it tomorrow. Or maybe this weekend. Or the day after that. Finally, there comes the time when you can't put it off another day. Facing such a delimma Monday afternoon, I put it off another hour... and then another hour and then... Well, you get the picture.

Finally, it was 10 p.m. and I was at the library writing this sucker. Yet, this isn't like most papers I've written. There are all sorts of moral theories involved and I had to evaluate stuff like values and principals. To make matters worse, the bullshit machine just wasn't working. I had to think to write this paper.

Things were going along swimmingly until midnight, when our library kicks the students out into the elements and locks its doors. I headed over to the newspaper office to finish. The worst case scenario as I saw it was being done by 2 a.m. Perhaps that would have been true had I not noticed that our new computers had been networked in my absence (we've been transferring files on floppies and zip disks for two weeks). Instead of finishing the paper, I set up the file sharing and users/groups controls. Finally, at 2 a.m. (the previously established deadline) I resumed my paper writing mode. I stayed on task for the better part of two and a half hours before I was done. Now, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what the day holds for me.

I've gotta turn this paper in by 9 a.m. but my first class isn't until 11 a.m. So what's a very sleepy guy to do? Go home, sleep for three hours, turn the paper in, take a shower and go to class? Or... Well... Actually, I can't think of any other options... Except those that involve not sleeping at all... And I really can't support that. I guess it's off to bed I go. Night ya'll.
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