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I'm back from Doc's graduation. I've found that having an advanced degree means very little when it comes to commencement. With a class of about 100 candidates, the ceremony was much more personal... but, at times, it was just as long, drawn out & boring as you'll find down at your local college.

I can't imagine how she feels tonight. I know I'm still overwhelmed by it in a way. Yeah, I've known that for the last four years, she's been in medical school. Yet, it just seemed wierd to see her name on her degree with the title "Doctor of Medicine." For my entire life, doctors have been older guys (and sometimes women). They were from different generations. Doc's class is the first that really looks like me & my generation. Many of them were born about the same time I was. We share the same timeline on Earth. And now they'll go forth and heal people. It's as though this shows that my generation has come of age. And it makes me take stock in where I stand as well.

On a related note, thanks to everyone that answered my poll. You helped me settle a petty dispute with Jessie about how best to go to Doc's graduation. My path was more direct and as much as an hour quicker. Jessie's path just included roads familiar to her. Again, it was petty... and yesterday, it was bugging me. Today, it's not nearly important. Well, except for the fact that more people chose my route. :)
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