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Bullets for everyone!

I'd have to go back and check my archives (which I have neither the time or energy to do), but I think this just might be my slowest month ever on LiveJournal. Here it is the 25th and I'm up to a whooping three entries. Wow. I hope I didn't wreak too much havoc on your friends page.

To bring you up to speed quickly...

  • Jessie & I went to visit my Aunt Sis May 15-19. I thought she was doing well considering the circumstances. She had enrolled in a hospice program, but was well enough to live on her own.
  • Jessie & I have been doing well. Things have been blossoming into a legitimate relationship, I think.
  • Alex has been wierd off and on. Clingy one day with many e-mails and standoffish the next.
  • I spent the weekend with old friends in Oakdale for graduation. I can now count the people I know in college there on one hand, I think. However, I now know a whole bunch of people with advanced degrees. Hanging out with smart people makes me want to get my master's.
  • Don't believe that last sentence. Sure, I'd like it... if they mailed it to me today. You know, without having to have earned it. But go back to school? Me? One day, perhaps. Not today.
  • This weekend, I'm going to see Doc earn the name she's had in my journal for the last four years. After this weekend, I'll be able to count a real, live medical doctor among my friends.
  • My mom called yesterday afternoon. She told me that my Aunt Sis has decided that she doesn't want to live on her own anymore. She's going to enter a hospice care center. Just as with everything else about my aunt's condition... I just don't know how I feel right now.
  • Summer craziness is just beginning.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm off to Smallville to talk with some folks that want me to shoot fireworks there for July 4th. I have a feeling that this is going to be an interesting summer. This will be the fourth summer I've had my journal. Maybe this year, I'll honor yesteryear and write nearly every day like I did four years ago. Nah. I'm sure you guys think this three times a month stuff is much, much better.

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