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Sniff, sniff

One of the reasons I'd really like to move out of my apartment is what I've just deemed The Smell Factor. I don't usually smell things from next door... but one particular Mexican dish they cook must seep through every microscopic crack in the wall. When they cook it, the smell is so thick that it has texture. You can almost feel it in the air. I'm not sure why it's only one dish... Perhaps that's the only time they cook.

Earlier today, I kept smelling something burning. I wasn't alarmed because it was more of a "I just blew out a match" smell than it was "My God, the kitchen is on fire" smell. Twelve hours later, my building is still standing, so I'm guessing my calm was warrented.

However, the smell of the moment may top them all. The smell in the air right now is reason enough for me to want to move... even if I never smell it again. People, there is poo in the air. Nasty, nasty.

Edited for clarification: None of these odors are coming from within my apartment. These are all external. Just so you know.
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