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Political meme

Stolen from threetoedcharli

Abortion?: For the most part, I lean against it. I do think women should have a choice.
Death Penalty?: The older I get, the less sense it makes.
Prostitution?: .
Alcohol?: I want to buy it on Sunday. That's hard to do in the South.
Marijuana?: It's a bigger deal that the folks I know make it out to be.
Other drugs?: Umm... no. I can't think of any that are good for you.
Gay marriage?: Legalize it. Now.
Illegal immigrants?: No problem with legal immigrants. Send the illegals back, please. 
Smoking?: Nothing about it is good. But I don't mind being around it while drinking.
Drunk driving?: Not smart.
Cloning?: Humans? As in human beings? No. Human cells? Maybe.
Racism?: Will exist as long as stupid people do.
Premarital sex?: Very guilty of it. Be safe. Be smart.
Religion?: I have faith in God the Father, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. I believe that a relationship with Jesus is your ticket to heaven. That's my way. It doesn't have to be yours.
The war in Iraq?: Shady deal. We're not fighting a country. We're fighting people. I think it's a bogus war (which, actually, isn't a war because Congress hasn't declared it such).
Bush?: Shouldn't be our president. But, then again, neither should Gore or Kerry. I worry that we'll never have a president that isn't fake. 
Downloading music?: I see the artists' point... but, then again, I should be able to do whatever I want with the music I buy... even if its ripping it to my hard drive and sharing it with millions.
The legal drinking age?: 18. Old enough to be drafted? Old enough to vote? Old enough to drink..
Porn?: It's a lovely thing. ;-)
Suicide?: Permanent solution to a temporary problem. I've never known anyone to commit suicide for a good reason. I myself thought about it back in the day... but I think it's a chicken shit way out.
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