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Looking up

There's a full moon tonight. Well, I say full. I'm not sure if it's officially full, but it's close enough for me. Right now, the sky is perfectly divided. If you look straight up, you'll see a line of sorts drawn across the sky above. There are clouds to the west and empty sky to the east.

In the east, the sky is so clear and so open. If it weren't for the lack of stars because of the city lights, you could probably look into the eastern sky and feel almost certain that you could see the other end of eternity. And as bright as the moon is, it is as though the void of the eastern sky sucks up all the light. None of the moonlight makes it east. The sky is clear... but a deep, dark midnight blue.

To the west, the clouds are an endless archipelago into the horizon. They are all small with distinct gaps between bordering clouds. The clouds are dense enough to keep you from seeing through them, but thin enough that the moonlight from above illuminates them into a bright white glow.

It's easy to overlook the sky. I've always been facinated by space and I sometimes forget about the world beyond... so I can only imagine how many people give it no thought whatsoever. Tonight would be a good night to lay out in the yard and just soak it all in. I'd do that... but I live in a city and in an apartment complex where a guy was murdered two weeks ago. I think I'll stay inside for now.

From Men In Black...
Agent D: They're beautiful, aren't they?
Agent K: What?
Agent D: The stars. We never just -- look. Anymore.

Of course, it's probably best that I not spend too much time looking up. I've been home from the bar for about an hour... and I'm still feeling pretty good. I had a $31 tab and all but one of the drinks was mine. $31!  I don't think I don't think I've ever had to fork out that much to drink... Geez.


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