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How do you get Chopin & Skynard back to back?

The mp3 Meme: As seen in trillian42 's LiveJournal...

The rules:
1. Load up your iTunes or WinAMP or MP3 player
2. Put all of your music on random.
3. Write down the first twenty songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.

1: Paul Brandt -- I Do
2: Lullaby -- Billy Joel
3: Ballad of Cowboy Mouth -- Cowboy Mouth
4: Hero -- Chad Kroeger
5: Smile -- Lyle Lovett
6: Thank You For Loving Me -- Bon Jovi
7: If I Didn't Have You -- Randy Newman
8: Like A Rock -- Bob Seger
9: Don't Close Your Eyes -- Keith Whitley
10: Happy Xmas (War Is Over) -- John Lennon
11: The Cowboy Song -- Garth Brooks
12: Magic Carpet Ride -- Jefferson Airplane
13: Rapsody In Blue -- comp. George Gershwin
14: Only Time -- Enya
15: Bang A Drum -- Chris Ledux feat. Jon Bon Jovi
16: For All We Know -- Nat King Cole
17: Polonaise A Flat -- comp. Chopin
18: Tuesday's Gone -- Lynard Skynard
19: Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine -- Toby Keith
20: I Miss My Friend -- Darryl Worley

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