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Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

So, one of the perks of being a firefighter is the 24/48 schedule... meaning that I work 24 hours straight and am then off 48 hours. However, Lakeland firefighters have been heavily involved in local politics as of late, and those 48 hours between shifts have been anything but free. I'm not complaining because I'm happy to be involved. But, certainly, it's time for a vacation.

I'm driving three hours to Oakdale today to visit Alex, Jonathan, et. al. I'm leaving there tomorrow morning and making the half-day drive to Kenner, Louisiana -- next door to New Orleans. I'll be spending Friday through Ash Wednesday there soaking up some Mardi Gras fun in the city and in the outlying parishes/suburbs. I'm staying with Zoe & her husband, will see Doc, Maria and maybe Amy. If I'm crazy lucky, I'll even run into Macy. She lives in that neighborhood now but I haven't seen her since she graduated college & got married back in 2001.

I know I need some time to relax. And I'm certainly aware that Mardi Gras is anything but relaxing... But I'm looking forward to having good times with good friends. (Besides, I just need to get away. I've been so busy, I haven't been outside of the Franklin area since New Year's Day -- sigh.) Well, the road calls. Later, ya'll.
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