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Trunk Art

Earlier tonight, I went into the deep recesses of my closet to look for some papers. I noticed a box heavy with contents on the top shelf and pulled it down. It was full of photos that I'd stashed away in a hasty apartment cleaning last year. I sat down in the floor and went through them all.

Among the collection were a few rolls from my trip to Baton Rouge last August. After my team took a licking in Death Valley, my friends and I headed to the Shoney's Breakfast Bar. Parked directly in front of the resturant was a car with what I can only describe as a unique paint job. Of course, we had to take pictures. And, of course, it's long past time that I share.

I'm not sure who Big Cal is... but some guy wants to do it with her and is running around south Louisiana with a picture of her masturbating on his trunk. Now that's what I call love.

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