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It smells good, but tastes awful...

Yesterday, one of the civilians in the administration section brought her kid to work. I love kids -- probably more than most of guys I work with in the fire department. However, I usually frown on folks bringing their rugrats in for the day. The building I work with houses a police station, a fire station and a courthouse. I guess I just don't see it as the best substitute for day care. But I digress...

The kid (about 5 years old) had an entire tub of Play-Doh and assorted Play-Doh accessories. When I walked by and saw the cornucopia of Play-Doh fun spread about before him... Well, I just had to sit down and play, too. So, for about 30 minutes yesterday, the City of Lakeland paid me to play with Play-Doh. I love my job. Yes, I do.

(Of course, I made up for that time when we got called out late last night.)
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