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Sometimes I think God sends you warnings in the form of other people. One of the guys I work with has been telling me that I've been a little too wound up lately... and that I'm starting to get on his nerves. Friday, Alex brought two of her friends up from Oakdale to visit. I think one of them was my warning from God.

If you listen to my last phone post, you'll know that the four of us went out to a local club tonight. I got little sleep Thursday night, worked from 7-10 Friday and had to be the designated driver. Those three ingredients were enough to spell potential disaster. When I picked the girls up at their hotel, they acted drunk. I didn't say that they were. I don't even think they had a buzz.

For most of the night, all three acted normal. They walked fine. They repeatedly showed the ability to talk fine. They danced fine. Yet, one of Alex's friends would randomly flip her drunk switch... Suddenly becoming loud and stupid and blaming it all on how she much she was "fucked up." ::sigh::

We didn't the leave the club until 3 -- a solid hour after I was ready to go. They then wanted me to take them for breakfast. I just knew that I'd kill one of them if we did... but we headed to the Waffle House anyway. Of course, they were three times as loud in the Waffle House than they had been at the club or in my truck. Everyone in the place knew everything they had to say. I survived by buying the All-Star Breakfast -- was enough food to keep me occupied until they were ready to go.

On a completely unrelated note, they didn't tip the waitress. The louder you are in a resturant, the more you should tip... that's just my philosophy.

In their defense, I've never been good at being sober while everyone else is drinking. I'm tired. I'm stressed. I'm pre-occupied with a diverse number of issues from work. The odds were stacked against me being in a totally fun mood.

Tomorrow is a new day. Ooops. Guess not. It's here now. (In fact, my first alarm just went off. If this was a work day, it'd be time to start thinking about getting up. Now it's time to think about going to sleep.) Perhaps we'll all have more fun tomorrow when everyone is sober... or, at least, pretending to be.
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