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Blast from the past

I'm working on a project involving old journal entries. I just stumbled across one and found a few of the lines of particular interest...

I've been doing a lot of thinking about relationships lately and I've come up with a few answers... but more often than not, I've come up with some pretty good questions. Some of my major questions are (a) What am I looking for in a mate? (b) Why can't I be happy with what I've had in the past? (c) If what I've felt for people in the past isn't right... what's having "the one" gonna be like? (d) What if "the one" has come and gone?

Damn. With the present saga in mind, I could very well have written those words just now. Yet, it's from a journal entry dated Sunday, June 4, 2000. That's almost four years ago, people. This is even more proof that it's long past time to resolve my issues once and for all.

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