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Ahhh.... Peace.

I've determined that the essential supplies for life are not love, shelter & sustenance. They are -- pay attention -- checks, trash bags and a living room clock that works.

Over the course of what was a farily crazy December, the imitation Regulator clock in my living room stopped working, I ran out of garbage bags and I wrote my last check. I didn't think that these were major events... but now that I've corrected them, I know how wrong I was.

Last night, I bought more garbage bags. Today, I found a loose AA battery and fixed the clock problem. And when the United States Postal Service made its rounds this afternoon, I found a box of checks waiting for me. My life feels complete now.

This experience has taught me a lot. I've learned that it's only 2:00 twice a day regardless of what the clock tells you. I've learned that those blue, plastic Wal-Mart sacks work okay for trash... but they fill up entirely too quickly. I've learned that a lot of places don't much like tempoary checks. Most importantly, I've learned that you still have to balance your account even if you aren't writing any checks. Visits to the ATM and electronic withdrawls add up.

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