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I was going to write, but....

I was going to write a new journal entry this evening. My weekend was quite interesting (compared to the other weekends in my summer, at least). I met an online acquaintence in real life Friday night that was quite attractive and was not an ax murderer (which is always a plus). We had what I think was a good time together... but I'm still not sure what she thought (which is probably not a good sign). She reminded me in some ways of The Girl and I'm not sure why. I'm way the hell beyond The Girl... but I guess she did leave her mark on me. Saturday, I ate lunch with Alex and finally gave her the letter I wrote on Valentine's Day and the ring I bought for Christmas. (Not that sort of ring.) I piddled around my office all afternoon and did a lot of work with Photoshop (something I don't have at home). Finally, I spent a little time at Zoe's new apartment with some friends before driving back home Saturday night.

I will write an entry on those events... but it won't be tonight. I just feel wierd tonight. My mind can't focus. My back hurts because my posture when sitting in front of the computer sucks. I can't find the right music to play while writing and I'm tired of seeing the four walls in my room. I think I'm going to hang it up for tonight...

(BTW, Melissa is back online! Yeah!)
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