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You know how I said I was feeling better? Well, that was the truth. While sitting in ethics class Tuesday, my spirts just seemed to have been lifted. Additionally, I started jotting down all sorts of ideas for my script. I felt good about it. I was confident. I was on top of my game.

Well, my slacker ass self finally started writing shortly after midnight. I had been in the newspaper office and the noise reached an unbearable level in the newsroom. I headed out to a courtyard near our building to write... and wait until everyone left. I fared well in the hour or so I spent out there and finally came in at 1:30. The newsroom was empty and quiet. I sat down to write but, instead, got sidetracked by some research I had started earlier Tuesday evening. When I finally forced myself away from that, I returned to the script. Now, at four in the morning... I feel as though I've hit the brick wall again. I've only got about a minute's worth of material for what is supposed to be a five minute package. This thing is due Thursday afternoon. Tomorrow is pretty much spoken for with newspaper work and studying for my ethics mid-term (which is Thursday, too). I don't feel all axious and shit like I did Monday... but the euphoria that I had Tuesday afternoon is sure as hell gone. I want it back. Anyone have some extra bottled up somewhere they'd let me use? I need a hit... Now.
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